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Going away for 2 weeks

So tomorrow I’m flying off to Western Australia with my parents and we’ll be exploring the south corner for two weeks.  I’ve stacked up my queue and I’m packing my suitcase.

This trip happens to fall in FROCKtober, the month where I support and raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer research.  How so? That’s where the frocks come in.  Everyday of October I (and my friend Kylie) will be wearing a different dress each day.  ”What’s the big deal about that? It’s not hard!”  Well just think, those days when you just want to wear a comfy pair of trackpants? Not happening.  Wearing some nice sleek pants that you ordered a month ago but only just arrived? Not till November! Want to wear you’re favourite dress again? Whoops, already wore it last week!

Anyway I’d really appreciate all the support we can get, so if you’d like to donate you can do so here:

or you can like and share our page on facebook here:

or you could just reblog this and ask your followers to do the same!

If you want a bit more info the Frocktober website is here:

Thanks a bunch in advance to all who help!

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